Drawing in public

When I was young, at school around 12yrs, you could not draw in something or doodle at your notebook that in 5min someone would appear and ask “Who is it? Is it you? Is it me? Draw me?”, that was a certainty. As growing old it even turned to a intern joke inside my group of friends who draw, anytime someone would start drawing we would ask “Who is it? Is it you? Is it me? Draw me?”. I don’t remember why I was timid at the time, or if I just didn’t want to speak too much for lack of confidence in my drawing skills or at my faggish voice, I kinda started drawing more and more privately.

It continued like that till college, some friends of mine would know I draw, but not everyone, even though I’d draw during the whole class, I’d not let anyone see it so much.

This changed totally now, for my final degree work I had to stay in the parking lot, everywhere in the campus, sat drawing the trees. And somehow no one gives a shit. People look, but they get closer, it’s as if you’re holding a camera preparing to take a photo and everyone kinda contours you so they don  ‘t spoil the photo.

This shocked me. Why no one is bothering me? How I’m getting this much peace when I’m just holding a clipboard and a pencil? It feel like as I’m a nun, or someone mystical that you’re supposed to disturb. At most, in my eating breaks, someone would come to congratulate or ask what I’m doing, but always so respectful.

It feels somehow, as a biologist, when you’re doing a work, people see you mostly as a teacher, scientist or a hippie. They kinda get your work but it feels like they just think it’s very close from what their grandma who likes gardening does, which sometimes it’s very true. But when you’re drawing everyone kinda connects and see themselves at it, because more or less, everyone as kid loved drawing but somewhere in the way gave up and now feels impotent at it.

Last week, at my birthday, I went to the beach to spend the whole day and draw. And I happened the same thing. While I’m sleeping, tanning or whatever, everyone stops by to sell something to me, so many sellers. As soon as I get my sketchbook, no one stops by anymore, I’m left alone.  At most, one sellers ask to see my drawings and congratulate me. It feels like I’m accessible yet so respected, maybe like a 3yrs old just playing by himself at the sand. It feels very great!

the tree draftsman

These last days I’ve been practically full time at college, just being there from 8 to 20hrs, and it’s been a journey and amazing.

Where I want to go with this text: Staying seated looking at a tree for three or more hours and get pretty boring, or introspective, which neither are necessary good or bad, it’s sometimes like being at the bus’s windows, and it’s raining or not and you are just contemplating life, got it? OK.

At the start I was pretty bored and was calling to all my friends to chat while I draw, after that I started singing and talking to myself and to the trees, and to any pigeon or cat around. Right now i’m still talking to myself and singing, but i’m quieter and more connected to the trees.

It’s amazing because when you spend a nice time, looking and analyzing and really seeing the tree, or whatever, you really feel connected.  At the start and at the first tentative you might feel hesitant and you results might appear very hesitant, but after after a time doing and doing you start getting closer and closer and faster the faster.

Summing up, what i wanted to say is: The more you draw, the fastest/easier you’ll draw the next time.


traditional vs digital painting

Some days ago I came across the this video, Inking Traditionally is faster than Digital? from H.C.Brown, I found it really amazing because it’s opened my eyes to that’s how I feel too. I don’t know if some more people out there feel somehow disconnected from their digital art, because for me I always saw so many artists doing digital work that I felt “easier” to do but still, I never had the motivation. It’s weird. I did a bunch of illustrations digitally but I don’t feel that are mine or “real” or have a “real touch”,  I don’t know how to explain. It’s as if they’re just something else at the computer, while the ones that I do manually has so much more feeling, power and appeal to me.

Things done at MS Paint are an exception, and to me feels like stands as their own. Don’t know if that’s because I used to play with MS Paint as a kid and kinda feel connected with it, or because it has it’s own appeal/aesthetic, so it just feel like using a different medium to me. As opposed to Photoshop, which kinda emulates traditional paint, and doesn’t matter how many brushes I download or buy, it never felt close to me.

So, for now, I had decided that I’m going to move out of digitally painting, at least to my personal works. Because this thing of everything is possible in the digital world really does takes your focus away, somehow there’s much more space for originality of just getting your stuff done when you have limitations.

It also makes me think about all this “learn how to color digitally” tutorials, It could all be as simple as “learn how to do it traditionally and them do what you can and mess around at the digital because you can get there”. I once searched so much all the tutorials when I was trying to learn digital painting, but I all felt like “rules”. If I should put the base color first and them multiply, if the highlights were supposed to be lighten or what, so many things! And what did I learned? Not much. I think there’s something so powerful about being able to do your stuff manually own your own, with whatever you have in hands, and than if ever you think it’s would be worth to do it digitally, you do it. Maybe because it saves you time at the sketches, maybe because you have all this colors, I don’t know.

I was thinking about after I know with what media I enjoy working more, than I can even do my own brushes using Ani R’s tutorial, it all would be much much simpler because you know what you’re going for.

By the way it’s really all about doing what you feel like and sketching without guilty or whatsoever, I was before very worried about carrying around my sketchbook doing live sketches to what I felt interesting, but it stills feels a bit out of place because I’m worried about someone reacting negatively or just not having the time to finish. And then I saw this at Lauren Tamaki’s tumblr, which it’s amazing and full of gorgeous drawings, and it all passed.

Ruth Lingford

I came across Lingford’s work by reading  The Fundamentals of Animation, It amazing to imagine how she did the whole What She Wants at an Amiga 1500 computer, using a MS Paint like program and saving at floppy disks. It really inspires me to think of how when you’re limited it’s somehow easier or clearer to do the work, sometimes we get so lost at so many options as in choosing Photoshop’s brushes. Yet her work feels a bit woodcut, maybe due the cutting of the MS Paint-like program.  Here a found a interview of her.

Baggage (1992) 4min

What she wants (1994) 5min

Pleasures of the War (1998) 11min


ASMR vs Foley

Today watching a Chicken Run’s making of video  I came across Foley artist. I mean, i had already knew about sound effects but never heard of such specific name. Then I was having a read about at wikipedia and it’s very interring and sounds like something fun hahahaha. I was already thinking in incorporate ASMR’s sound aspects into animation that I came to do, but Foley seems like the same think. Thinking now ASMR artists are just the millennial sisters of Foley artists, which is amazing. I do hope ASMR videos  brings a new age of inspiration and interests the whole Foley art world.


gray scale

Yesterday I bumped across an article about the old mac OS design, it’s very interesting because it compares with things nowadays that have being became more and more distracting and addicting, all due all this talking about attention engineers and social media.

What I most liked about it all, was that some people are starting to turning their screens gray scale,  in a way to cancel all this distracting design, and it seems like a really great idea, that I turned mine gray scale yesterday (how). It feels very light and clean, and somehow calm, i’m excited about how next weeks will go.

Card for László

  Recently, I’ve been getting closer and closer to delete my facebook. Last month, I read an article about the data facebook and google collect from all their users, I managed to download and take a look at mine. Not that I feel that they’re going to destroy and bring a huge chaos to the world due holding my data, but I just find it’s too much free information I give away about me for not much in return.

I was already up to the idea of stop liking and commenting more, due the whole more humanity interaction and the logarithm boycott. But for me it’s still not enough, it’s as if i’m always so far away from everyone there and it doesn’t feel like real interaction.

So I decided that  i’m going to ask all my friends their address, e-mail and telephone and make my agenda, I already make bullet journal, so what’s the difference? It sure brings me a bit excitement the idea of call them more and send them handmade cards, so I can put in use some learning from the pop-up classes.

As Google’s alternative, I’ve been using Ecosia for searching, Moovit to public transportation search and when it’s something very specific I draw a little map, everything is going up pretty well.


edit post-publish: I’m very satisfied of how this post came out nice with those little drawings, it reminds me of my school notebooks. :>

state of routine

Oh my, this week I had to get myself prepared to my second immunology exam, not that’s such a big deal or something impossible, but it was intense. Sometimes I feel so busy and so “full-glassed” about everything that I plan, that I just want to disconnect buy some nice shoes and be just pretty. But I ain’t have no shoes’ money for now so we gotta keep doing it.


Today I watched this interview with Patrick Smith, very nice, especially when he talks about his idea process and how to approach things in little steps. And for now I’m going to take a full reading at The Fundamentals of Animation, until now it talks nicely too about the whole mindset and process without being to protocolish.

And I realized that I won’t be able to apply for the Animation Workshop this year, which was in my plans, and makes me a bit sad, but who knows? That means I’ll have time more time to study and to create something to maybe send to a festival.

~* gotta get shit done *~


not https

Did I managed to create a https before with the Known? Yes I did. Do I know how to do it now again? No I do not. Maybe I might underploy all the server and everything, and stuff. But sincerely who cares? I just discoverd that Paul Driessen does not have https too, so maybe i’m in a good track, let’s see.