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Just listened to Will Becher‘s interview at BasicBrainHeart podcast. It was great fun to listen to his story and know the whole process that went before he became an Aardman’s animator. It’s made me remember of all the plasticine dolls I did as a kid, and the videos during at school’s recess when I finally had a camera cellphone hahaha.

In addition he spoke the tips he received from about what people at Aardman was looking for in the show-reel:

Make a film that’s very simple
Make a film that has less than six minutes
Make a film that show your strengths, don’t try to do it all


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animation + code

I had already checked the collaborations of James Paterson with Amit Pitaru, such as Delight, a very cute and literally delightful animation, and Rhonda, a 3D drawing program that feels like sketching in a sketchbook. But finally today I watched Paterson talk at Eyeo 2013 (below), and it’s so interring to see how his projects and Amit’s, they make coding seems very attractive and just like another type of coloring tool.

Amit wrote a very nice paper about game design, E Is for Everyone: The Case for Inclusive Game Design, that if you’re a game designer or ever played any video game, you should read, because it’s real and it’s here. Since I read the old macOS article, I’ve been thinking how it should be mandatory that every application or design had like a grayscale version, also having the option to change controls and close captions are such primordial thing from the user experience that it seems so dumb now to realize how many games leave that option go.


DIY Cartoon Kit

Just finished reading Show Your Work!, a very nice book which gave me a bunch of really cool tips about the whole process of getting discovered and doing work.

And how I just started reading Make Toons That Sell Without Selling Out. I was looking for a book which would help me plan out an animation schedule/pipeline, because most of the time I don’t know where to start, and since Queer Lisboa 22 e Queer Porto 4 is at the horizon I gotta get started working out in some ideas. Who knows?

Until now i’m very amazed! He just introduced me to one of my new favorites animations of all time, see it at the link below:

Bob Godfrey – 1961 – Do it yourself cartoon kit