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traditional vs digital painting

Some days ago I came across the this video, Inking Traditionally is faster than Digital? from H.C.Brown, I found it really amazing because it’s opened my eyes to that’s how I feel too. I don’t know if some more people out there feel somehow disconnected from their digital art, because for me I always saw so many artists doing digital work that I felt “easier” to do but still, I never had the motivation. It’s weird. I did a bunch of illustrations digitally but I don’t feel that are mine or “real” or have a “real touch”,  I don’t know how to explain. It’s as if they’re just something else at the computer, while the ones that I do manually has so much more feeling, power and appeal to me.

Things done at MS Paint are an exception, and to me feels like stands as their own. Don’t know if that’s because I used to play with MS Paint as a kid and kinda feel connected with it, or because it has it’s own appeal/aesthetic, so it just feel like using a different medium to me. As opposed to Photoshop, which kinda emulates traditional paint, and doesn’t matter how many brushes I download or buy, it never felt close to me.

So, for now, I had decided that I’m going to move out of digitally painting, at least to my personal works. Because this thing of everything is possible in the digital world really does takes your focus away, somehow there’s much more space for originality of just getting your stuff done when you have limitations.

It also makes me think about all this “learn how to color digitally” tutorials, It could all be as simple as “learn how to do it traditionally and them do what you can and mess around at the digital because you can get there”. I once searched so much all the tutorials when I was trying to learn digital painting, but I all felt like “rules”. If I should put the base color first and them multiply, if the highlights were supposed to be lighten or what, so many things! And what did I learned? Not much. I think there’s something so powerful about being able to do your stuff manually own your own, with whatever you have in hands, and than if ever you think it’s would be worth to do it digitally, you do it. Maybe because it saves you time at the sketches, maybe because you have all this colors, I don’t know.

I was thinking about after I know with what media I enjoy working more, than I can even do my own brushes using Ani R’s tutorial, it all would be much much simpler because you know what you’re going for.

By the way it’s really all about doing what you feel like and sketching without guilty or whatsoever, I was before very worried about carrying around my sketchbook doing live sketches to what I felt interesting, but it stills feels a bit out of place because I’m worried about someone reacting negatively or just not having the time to finish. And then I saw this at Lauren Tamaki’s tumblr, which it’s amazing and full of gorgeous drawings, and it all passed.

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