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the tree draftsman

These last days I’ve been practically full time at college, just being there from 8 to 20hrs, and it’s been a journey and amazing.

Where I want to go with this text: Staying seated looking at a tree for three or more hours and get pretty boring, or introspective, which neither are necessary good or bad, it’s sometimes like being at the bus’s windows, and it’s raining or not and you are just contemplating life, got it? OK.

At the start I was pretty bored and was calling to all my friends to chat while I draw, after that I started singing and talking to myself and to the trees, and to any pigeon or cat around. Right now i’m still talking to myself and singing, but i’m quieter and more connected to the trees.

It’s amazing because when you spend a nice time, looking and analyzing and really seeing the tree, or whatever, you really feel connected.  At the start and at the first tentative you might feel hesitant and you results might appear very hesitant, but after after a time doing and doing you start getting closer and closer and faster the faster.

Summing up, what i wanted to say is: The more you draw, the fastest/easier you’ll draw the next time.


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